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posticon Fanfic for teh UC

"Y'know, fighting The Evil is easier in winter..." Ikku points out while her feet stir up water at the pool’s edge.
Naim gives his normal bored look and remains reclining in a pool chair, but Kelsi takes the bait.
"Why is that?"
"Well," Ikku starts "When you don't dodge fast enough in winter your sweater just gets singed, but in summer you need an ER visit for the fireball burns, which then need explained away as a 'cooking accident." She turns a pointed look at Nicodemus, who glares right back and cradles his arm protectively. "On top of that it's easier to spot The Evil against the snow in winter, while in summer there're colors everywhere." With a dramatic gesture all around for emphasis she slowly loses her balance and drops into the deep end of the pool. She quickly bobs up again, with damp hair across her face and a disgruntled frown.
Kelsi stifles her laughter, "If you didn't wanna get in the water then why did we come to the pool??"
" the smell of chlorine..." Ikku mutters and slogs up the stairs to plop back down at her spot beside the pool.
"Uh huh." Kelsi grins and sits up in her chair to give Nicodemus a solid shove towards the water. He manages a protesting squeak and a small flail before submerging. Ikku smiles to find someone else the source of laughter now.
"By the way," She asks when he surfaces "Wearing a shirt with your swim shorts at the pool is cheating." She wiggles her shoulders to show off the shiny new, bright purple, bikini top she had picked up yesterday.
"I'm just prepared incase The Evil shows up and starts throwing fireballs." He snaps back at her while hanging onto the tiled edge of the pool and looking much like a resentfully wet cat.
"Yeah and that's why I fell in the water." Ikku adds sarcastically. "So I'm less flammable."
Naim slouches a bit, seeming to relax and show off his still dry self, while actually leaning back enough that he cannot be dumped in the pool short of being carried there.
Kelsi glances at him, notices his invulnerability to pool-ward shoving and eyes Ikku again, "Hey Ikku, you're getting more flammable by the minute, I think your arms are almost dry now!"
"Nuh uh don't you try." Ikku warns and scoots away from Kelsi, but towards Nicodemus still lurking in the pool. With a casual movement he grabs her wrist, tugs and finds himself simply holding the wrist of a startled Ikku.
"That didn't go as planned." Nicodemus grumbles while Ikku tries her best not to laugh at him. "I think I'm gonna go home now." He takes off for the other side of the pool, and the changing house.
"No! Wait..." Ikku calls out. "We or something. See if we can find some of The Evil lurking somewhere… Come back!” She sighs. He swims off.
"Patrol? Like cops or the Power Rangers? We're just kids Ikku…" Naim points out while adjusting his sunglasses with a smooth movement.
"Yeah and The Evil always happens around us anyways, right?" adds Kelsi.
"Hmm, true… But if we are all separated will it happen in four places? We shouldn't let Nicodemus go off alone." Ikku counters
"Eh, he's just heading home. He'll be fine right?" Kelsi asks.
"Kelsi, he's never fine." Ikku reminds her.
"True." She frowns.
"I'll go hang out with him, you girls just sit and smell the chlorine to your heart's content." Naim announces and walks off to follow Nicodemus.
"Well, okay..." Ikku agrees at his retreating back. "I was kinda hoping he would just come back..."
"Ikku, swimming didn't seem much like his kinda thing." Kelsi pointed out. "Besides he doesn't see daylight much, sitting in his house all the time. We gotta go slow with weaning him off the darkness. Can't go cold-turkey right away."
"He can still have the darkness at night!" Ikku complained.
"Eh, just let him go be Mr. Mysterious on his own, or rather with Naim. Why do you suppose Naim was so forceful about going off alone to look after Nicodemus?"
"Probably guy stuff, like PMS but less monthly."
"Guy stuff, huh."

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Re: Fanfic for teh UC

*twitches at all the horrible emoticon options at the top of the reply page* Anyhow, yay for teh fanfiction! Is cute and wonderful and squee-worthy. Especially loved Ikku's "less flammable" line (and whatever it was that Nicodemus said immediately prior that I can now not remember...) Weeeh!
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Re: Fanfic for teh UC

Cool, though I am a bit dismayed at seemingly another follower of the Nicodemus x Naim pair. Oh well, have your fun. Seems a bit unfinished, though. Any more to add on?


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